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If you have already bought a Domain Name, that's fine, but if you need help choosing and booking one, we can help you.

Choosing a Domain Name

We can check whether any names you have in mind are available. If not, we can help you find an alternative Domain Name.

If you are having difficulties choosing a suitable Domain Name for a new business, we'll be happy to help you and make suggestions. If posible, it is a good idea to try and include a keyword in your Domain Name, because this is likely to help your website rankings. However, this is not mandatory and not always possible.

Choosing a suitable 'TLD'

I hear you say 'TLD? What's that?!' TLD means 'Top Level Domain' and it is the 'end bit' of your Domain Name, like '.co.uk.' or '.com', '.biz', '.net' etc

Generally, if your business is operating solely in the UK, it is advisable to choose '.co.uk'. However, if your business is global, you might prefer to opt for a '.com' Domain.

There is a price difference. Prices vary but '.co.uk' Domains are generally cheaper to buy and renew.

Woodham Web Writer can help you choose a Domain Name

Booking a Domain Name

Subject to availability, we can book your Domain Name and take care of its administration, renewal etc to give you complete peace of mind. Expired Domain Names can cost more to renew (or even be lost to someone else) and will, in all cases, cause your website and emails to stop working until renewed - we can make sure this never happens!

Domain Names are usually bought for periods of 2 years and can be renewed just before the expiry date. It is also possible to buy Domain Names for longer periods (5 years, 10 years).

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