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Taking pride in our friendly, professional and dedicated approach to website design, we work with each client and new website project on an individual basis - no 'one-size-fits-all'!

All the help you need!

We understand that clients have their own agenda and we are flexible and happy to adapt to your needs.

We provide guidance and support, if you need it - whether you need help with your website information, to choose a Domain Name or you have any questions, we're happy to help!

You can choose to get involved in the design and styling options or... just leave it all to us!

Help with Web Design

Any size website

Any size websites

Whether you need a one-page website for a new venture or a large website for your established business, we can help you.

We design websites to suit your needs and your budget. For this reason, our price-scale is based 'per page', without minimum or maximum - whatever you need!

'Responsive' web design

We use up-to-date coding and programming which means that our website designs are 'responsive' - they will adjust to any size screen.

In practical terms, this means that you will not need a separate 'mobile website', making your main website more cost-effective. Your website users will see all your information, (not just a stripped down version for mobiles) whether they are looking at your website on a traditional PC monitor, a laptop, or on a mobile device like a tablet or a mobile phone.

responsive web design

Design for 'start-up' businesses

Web design for start-up businesses

We have many (rewarding!) years' experience working with new businesses - our pricing scale was originally designed to help make our websites affordable to new businesses.

We care about the success of our clients' new businesses: to make sure you receive all the professional guidance you need, we can also arrange a FREE consultation with an experienced Financial Advisor - just ask!

A complete design package

In complement to web design we can also help you with graphics for your business stationery and marketing material.

We can design a logo for your website, the artwork for your business stationery (eg business cards, letter-headings etc) as well as leaflets, posters etc.

We can also design the artwork for any printed and/or online magazines and publications ads - including the Yellow Pages.

Complete Web Design Package
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