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We can also design some optional features to give your website and business a truly professional feel. None of these are essential, though - just 'nice-to have' options if your budget allows it!


A blog is a valuable complement to any website. Not only does it give you an easy method to write posts and updates for your business (or area of expertise), but it's also likely to improve your website rankings!

We can set up and customise your blog to match your website style and colours. After that, writing posts and managing your blog is very easy!

Set-up cost: £30
Customisation: £30
Hosting: £30 per year


A 'favicon' is a small icon which appears at the left of your website address in the address bar of your browser. The design is usually based on your logo or your website colours. Although not essential, it's a nice finishing touch and it's as helpful as a little flag helping your website to be quickly recognised.

Design and implementation cost: £15

Customised Email Signatures

An 'Email Signature' gives a professional look to your business emails, and it is also useful to add your website address and other details seamlessly.

We can design an email sighnature for you and help you implement it.

Design cost: £15
Implementation cost: £15

Customised 'error page'

Error pages, (aka '404' pages and '500' pages, among others) come up when you click on a broken link and the browser is unable to find the requested page ('404'), or when there is a temporary issue with the server preventing the connection ('505'). Hopefully your website will not have any such problems, but this can happen from time to time - eg perhaps a website you've got a link to has changed and you were not aware of this. This would bring up an error page.

Instead of the 'cold', standard browser message, we can design a customised error page in keeping with your website style to give a personalised message and menus to your website main pages.

Design and implementation: £20

Since we hope you won't actually have the inconvenience to get to our 'error page' on our website, we thought we'd give you this broken link so that you can see what it looks like!

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